The Land of Mixed Prints!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Kittynomics! ๐Ÿ™‚ Come with me on my first journey to the land of mixed prints!!! Ok here we go... I've been having so much fun being" matchy matchy" as of late. I mean anything from dressing monochromatic, and matching my headbands to the color of my wardrobe, but this morning I… Continue reading The Land of Mixed Prints!


The Polkadot Jumpsuit

  Can you name two more classic fashion staples than polka dots and gingham? Mmmhh, I'll wait. Well one I'm wearing of course and the latter is my background but the message is clear! The classics are here to stay! >:D So here's the deal. I'm still coming into my style...I know, i know (!)… Continue reading The Polkadot Jumpsuit