Welcome to my very chillaxed styled blog where I will be communicating those things I find fun and compelling! Assuming my interest are shared with a few other individuals I won’t be the only one reading my posts… but even if that’s the case I must admit I’m having such a good time putting this together that I intend to be quite persistent in my pursuits!

The idea of starting this blog had been circulating around my head for months. So it was no surprise upon hearing the news that my site was finally up and going, my roommate cleverly suggested we had champagne to celebrate! I made mimosas, we had a toast and it was in essence a reminder that it’s the accumulation of small victories that lead to the best parts of our lives. Every post, however brief or mundane, will be representative of something I find important to me, something that brings me joy or perhaps just something I find aesthetically pleasing. A warm and sincere welcome!