The Land of Mixed Prints!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Kittynomics! 🙂 Come with me on my first journey to the land of mixed prints!!!


Ok here we go…


I’ve been having so much fun being” matchy matchy” as of late. I mean anything from dressing monochromatic, and matching my headbands to the color of my wardrobe, but this morning I looked at these two pieces -my striped turtleneck and polka dot bottoms and thought what the hey!


If this is also your first time mixing prints, here’s what I found useful:

  • Stick to one color: I felt super comfortable with my all black combination in two prints! Next time I’m sure I can step it up a notch with louder colors but for meow this was puurfect!
  • Pick two classic prints: Stripes and polka dots have been around for a long time and are NOT going anywhere..aka they are classics. It’s best to start of with these if your also a newbie in the land of mixed prints!


What about these polka dot pants huh? Well guess what? Not pants but in fact the jumpsuit from my previous post! I just neatly tuck in the straps and all of a sudden they are high waisted pants 😀 you see!



Do you have a Chiquiween? Give him a matching polka dot Bow tie 😀 !


Sticking true to my current monochromatic ways I paired this look with a faux black leather jacket. Adding the brown faux leather backpack takes the mixing patterns thing to a whole new level in my book as the contrast between the shiny black and brown materials is divine!



Thank you for coming with Chiquiween and I on our first adventure to the land of mixed prints!

Until next time,

-S ❤


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