The Polkadot Jumpsuit


Can you name two more classic fashion staples than polka dots and gingham? Mmmhh, I’ll wait. Well one I’m wearing of course and the latter is my background but the message is clear! The classics are here to stay! >:D

unnamed (5).jpg

So here’s the deal. I’m still coming into my style…I know, i know (!) hard to believe right? lol After I graduated high school I went through a fleece and hiking boots stage much like Annn-drea from the Devil Wears Prada (the book..still haven’t seen the 😦 movie). Then comes…drum roll please…a the bohemian phase keke and surely the influence is still there lurking in the form of a cute belt or bracelet! My style is a little more defined meow than in my earlier kitten days but it’s still a work in progress!

unnamed (4)They don’t call it a jumpsuit for nothin’ πŸ˜€ it’s meant for fun! The polka dots? Just an added bonus!!! XD


Mmm can we talk about my keds for a sec? I mean weather you think they make me look like I’m starring in a remake of Child’s Play here or you think they look super adorbs…one thing’s for sure, they are comfy as heck!


…I’ll return after a brief Ice cream cookie break πŸ™‚

unnamed (11)

unnamed (2)

Meow the turtleneck! Easily a staple in my wardrobe. Comfortable, chic, and versatile- the turtleneck is absolutely a fashion essential year-round! In my part of the Bay summer afternoons can be quite windy allowing me to wear this particular red long sleeve turtleneck which is one of my favorites! At first I wasn’t too sure if It was a good partner to my polka dot jumpsuit but I find that the best way to find out is to hit the streets, see how I feel, and decide at the end of the day if it was a good ideaπŸ’‘Β !Β Experimenting with patterns and unexpected parings can be a fun way to wear something differently or add a hit of color to your wardrobe!



I’m so not ready to store this purse away for fall 😦 … Solution? Lunch bag?… ;D

unnamed (9)

unnamed (10).jpg

What are some of your fashion hit or misses???

unnamed (8)

Until next time,

-S ❀


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