Cloudy with a Chance of Balloons <3

Welcome to my long lost post! I began drafting this towards the end of my school semester. I’ve been weeks removed of the time when I started this but I kept the use of present tense in order to remain genuine to my thoughts and reflections at the time. I also noticed that it serves perfectly into my current theme of two topic post which so far have involved fashion and (insert random topic here)! Hope you enjoy this post about my first world struggles to remain fashionable in the mist of heavy rains and sit tight as this is a bit lengthy 🙂 !

My first year at Humboldt State University is almost coming to an end and I should be back in the comfort of my bay area home by next month, at last reunited with the nine pounds of cuteness that is my dog, Chiquiween. After a rather eventful year, I’ve been on a reflection roller coaster and I will be starting off with a topic that, well, may seem odd for the topic of reflection. The weather of Humboldt County is known to be cloudy, foggy and ever so rainy, 40 to 50 inches of rain per year to be exact! This was not only NOT a deterrent for me, it was an attraction to the area. “I love the rain” or  “I hate hot weather so this will be puurrfect” were among my favorite phrases when my bay area peeps pointed out Humboldt’s rather grim weather patterns. However, I’ve found out the hard way as most of us do, that living here is an entirely different story!

cloudy 1
Skies laden with overcast are a common background to photographs taken in Humboldt County!

HSU stands for Humboldt State University or the more humorous Hills, Stairs and Umbrellas! The latter caused me to revise and alter my fashion choices, something I had certainly not predicted when I came to HSU. I thought I could wear anything I wanted so long as I made sure to bring along an umbrella, and maybe a cloche hat for those particularly rainy skies but I quickly learned that a lot more effort was required if I planned to remain dry and neat (I 😦 refused to surrender to a yellow raincoat for everyday wear!)

Adding a heavy coat over my outfits ensured I kept warm during those abrupt weather changes!
cloudy 2
Not to mention this navy blue trench coat adds a modern twist to my 90’s inspired outfit!

I brought two pairs of rain boots with me to HSU. Not absent of polka dots and lots of color, my boots are super adorable but after a while I began to feel like they were dragging down my outfits. What are your kicks, after all, if not the finishing touch to your sense of style? I began to experiment with my footwear in an effort to find out which (other than the obvious rain boots) kept my feet(s) the most dry. Living on campus allowed me the freedom to do this, since it was a breeze to simply swap one pair of wet boots and socks for another in between classes. Needless to say this was not only rather exhausting but also highly discouraging!

cloudy 3
My trusty pair of black leather boots were a stylesaver! They have a super comfortable heel (much required for the actual hills around campus), are quite versatile to my wardrobe, and most importantly kept my feet(s) dry during the rain!!!

My style and footwear dilemma notwithstanding I began to suspect that the gloomy Humboldt skies were beginning to take a toll on me. My first semester at HSU the weather was to the claim of many of my professors “unusually sunny” who then proceed to caution us new to Humboldt county about the true weather patterns of the area. After months of trying to adjust my fashion choices and trying to incorporate my colorful spring wardrobe into a place that was still shouting winter in my face I decided to step back from my pursuits. After all, finals were around the corner and my attention was now devoted to remembering how to calculate the unemployment rate among other equally exciting economic concepts 😀 !


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Rain or Shine, remaining playful is a must!

Until next time,

-S ❤


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