El Portumex <3

“If I would ever find myself in the very unfortunate circumstance that is death row, I’d go in peace if not for that last plate of camarones a la diabla. For who needs redemption when you can handle and in fact require, necessitate and demand…extra spice.”


Howdy there world! I’m super excited to talk about two very particular things that are trending for me this summer! For starters the act of accessorizing as to accentuate my waist (I just learned how and I’ve been having so much fun doing so!) and ironically enough the very thing that works against my waistline Camarones a la Diabla (yes with a capital C) and trust me I ain’t got no complaints here! Anyone who knows me knows too that it’s Camarones from Portumex that I pine for. My family and I usually refer to this establishment as “El Portumex”out of respect ya 🙂 know. With a literal translation meaning “The Devils Shrimp” It’s a dish that turns heads! I’ve been ordering this little number ever since I was a youngster new to the streets of Richmond (just kidding, I’m born and raised) It’s no doubt my tolerance for spice has indeed gone through the roof and if you must know my tolerance for spice is quite simply one of my pride and joys!



Lady in red: This belt is my current favorite! It’s so easy to dress up any dress or outfit with it since the gold buckle is ever so sleek and timeless! I’ve always enjoyed wearing belts, but I’ve never realized how much you can play with your wardrobe just by adding a belt to the unthinkable!!!


Sooooo it’s no secret the latino culture can be super duper patriarchal, distastefully so if I may add (who am I kidding you bet your bottom dollar I may, hell I live it!)…so with that in mind I’d like to half jokingly say that the “El” (used for masculine nouns) is not in itself the qualifying factor of respect, but rather the super yum food. It may seem like a “duh” statement but yeezus the things I’ve seen…let’s just say it’s worth a quick note. What would it take for it to be called “La”? huh? lol Aight I’m done.


No but 4realz though this name, we must talk about it!!! The owner is from Portugal and his wife is from Mexico hence the name intended to signify the merging of these cultures…Portumex!!! 🙂 Cute right?!

Two minutes in and I’ve already made a mess! 



Can we talk about the ice cream shop next door real quick?! Once Portumex decided to rid it’s menu of the Chocoflan, my desert needs are quickly meet when I walk right over to Destenny’s Ice Cream. Not only is it’s location next to the legendary Portumex a genius marketing move but a scoop (or two) of the Mexican Chocolate which is composed with hints of cinnamon is an absolutely divine way to walk away from this whole ordeal!


This shirt was a gifted to me some sizes too big but no fear, I’ve tied the loose ends into a knot. Meow it’s a flirty top with some shape and certainly purrfect for summer!!! 😉



Basically heaven in a plate, minus the devil part 🙂

I’ve been walking into El Portumex since I was a very little girl ordering the same god dam thing every single time without fail. Yet every time I come here, alone or otherwise the excitement is always the same. I genuinely do not think i’ll grow tried of this plate. Partly because I’m such a habitual person, partly because I’m a big fan of the little things in life and largely because the recipe has remained in tact after all these years. I’ve been a loyal and faithful customer for two amazing decades and counting. I definitely look forward to continuing this delicious trajectory.unnamedAlways hard to walk away 😦 …

portu last

…yet always always excited to return!!! 🙂

But hey don’t take my word for it! If your ever cool enough to find yourself in the deep cuts of Richmond, try it for yourself!


721 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94801

Until next time,

-S ❤


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