Putting the “O” in Organization Part 2 <3

The Making Room Edition!

If you haven’t noticed by meow my blog is catered to those youngsters out there struggling to adult, particularly college students who are trying to make the best use of tiny living quarters. In that very spirit I’m here before you today to share the progress I’ve had with my small pantry space as well as some of my favorite space-saving strategies.

Let’s dive right in to it!

1. It’s Pantry Time, All The Time 🙂

  • Attempt numero uno!


Cans on top, mason jars in the middle, nothing too fanceee yet.

  • Attempt numero dos!


Mmkay, mmkay, so I’ve changed the color of the lids…Big deal right?

  • Attempt numero tres!


But of course switching around some of the jars gave me the most efficient use of my pantry space! Oh, the kitty bag clippers? I couldn’t resist! 😀

2. Make Use of Vertical Space!!!


When you have a small bedroom or share your room with a roommate (Sup Toni!) building up allows you to neatly store your precious nail polishes or other collections that you may treasure! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making use of vertical space also implies inviting artwork into the mix! Audrey Hepburn is always a great way to make a room stand out!

3. Get creative as you utilize one item for multiple purposes!


I was excited to hang up my white board, an excitement that quickly extinguished once I realized I did not have the space for it. Instead I ended up sticking whiteboard paper to my closet door and used my mirror to draw the much necessary graphs.


On that same note, I find that suitcases make perfect storage units! This suitcase is neatly stored under my bed and probably holds a years worth of laundry supplies!


As you’ll come to realize, I am utterly in love with this suitcase! When I’m not using it to get back and forth from home and school, it becomes a beautiful storage box!

I hope this was helpful, if not, at the very least a pleasant read!

Until next time,



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