Putting the “O” in Organization <3

“Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But a clean room will never hurt me”

“I’ve got 99 problems

but a messy bed ain’t one”


My lack of poetic know-how notwithstanding (Recall that I’m an Economics major and withhold your judgment!!!) It’s safe to state that cleaning and organization have become very important values of my adult life. Note here, that I do indeed state, rather clearly…my adult life! Oh, because the lord that I don’t believe in knows (or better yet, my mum) that once upon a time I slept in a much restricted designated spot on bed due to the abundance of clutter. Much like my nine pound chihuahua Chiquiween does when he gets sleepy and proceeds to look for a spot comfy enough to sleep in, struggling to get between the sheets. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Not in the least bit, and in fact i consider my ability to laugh at myself (and more importantly others, muahaha) to be one of my best character traits. That being said, over the years I went from being the young neophyte who kept a collection of used coffee and tea mugs in her room only to sneak them into the kitchen sink late at night when her grandmother wasn’t looking, to developing the habits of a neat and tidy baller shot caller. I know, I know (INSERT YOUR PROPS HERE). You know what this means for you don’t cha? That certainly anyone with time, patience, and a little fairy dust anyone can in fact become, like yours truly, a…neatling (not to be confused with mysophobia please).

The Why?

Cuz ain’t nobody got time for a journal entry type of psychoanalysis I will make this section rather brief! Cleaning to me is nothing short of therapeutic. Even more wild, it’s something I look forward to. It’s an opportunity to burn a few calories and take some time to reflect. Our home, much like our personal style, says a lot about who we are. The times when my room begins to get out of control it’s usually an indication that my life is spinning out of control right along with it. Therefore in my view cleaning is a crucial, if anything an obscure, intermediary for success. Plus I get to pull out my UE Roll speaker and listen to Sonora Dinamita which almost instantly makes me want to dust just as much as it makes me want to dance!

But much more importantly for yer purposes…

The How?! Here’s a few of the things that helped me turn things around and can help you get the ball rolling!

Step 1: Make yer bed peoples…it makes a world of a difference! Not only does it feel ridiculously good to come back home to a neat bed, it also creates an inviting environment for rest! My bed practically calls my name when I enter the room and at times I even daydream about crawling back into bed when I should be vigorously taking notes but alas! You get the picture! img_0245cc51e541-5759-4091-9dbb-75b4d2bfa0fb

Step 2:   Don’t have crazy closets! Because what’s more crae than trying to get ready in the morning when you don’t know where half of your belongs are stored. What kind crap is that? Come on now let’s get it together and help cut your morning in half! Again, I know this from experience because my unorganized-ass had to play scavenger hunt to find my outfit every morning! Also, it’s extremely useful to fold your clothes via the Konmari method which I shall blog about sometime in the near future, fear not! (Shout-out to the one and only C. Bailey for the idea!!!)ccdbf802-b9e1-4efa-8833-7a375041a65e24d05cb9-99aa-4e95-8690-0f9660de0e52333f18bf-54b1-4796-bb75-7fe9d440655f2986e340-249e-47ea-b380-bfc04497a07364affdef-a4b7-425f-a520-2fc8fb735c5747fc2c98-1082-4be5-9d24-5e424f3971644380af1b-b658-4458-a4cf-635bc54713db

Step 3: Pick your outfit the night before! Ok, by this point you guys are probably thinking alright alright, this chick is way too anal but hear me out. This process means, waking and grabbing the outfit you choose the night before, putting it on, accessorizing, and popping on lots of mascara. Make a latte before you leave! Case closed! 


Step 4: Following the 11th commandment: Thou shall not leave a bunch of crap out on your surfaces! Admittedly, this is the most difficult rule to follow, but follow it my dear friends and oh shall the fortunes of a clean home shine upon thee. Here’s a picture, no further words necessary. bb80f74a-5828-4997-96cf-8a18bf7d7bd0

Until next time,



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