Hello (Kitty) Marketing!

It’s no secret, (specially for those of you cool enough to walk into my room) that I’m a sucker for marketing. A concept I rather embraced five years ago when I read a study (in glamour magazine) that suggested that most women tend to make the connection to happiness to the things they own. Controversial? indeed! The author of the article boldly declared “so why not spend those extra few cents on a pretty Kleenex box?”.  I wonder who sponsored this one!?

Once in college I started learning about marketing and more importantly for our purposes… gender marketing! Oh yeah, market segregation and the end goal of being able to sell more products when you sell two versions of the same product. Women’s products being more expensive of course. (?)

That being said, this particular post will showcase my eternal love for all things hello kitty. So I thought it would be helpful to give some background (however brief) in my understanding of consumer behavior. I’m not an advocate of frivolous spending and I’m certainly not for the anti-consumerism inspired by the Ralph Nader movement, but rather aim to reach an equilibrium between the two.

Meow, meow, meow ❤

Welcome to Hello Kitty Heaven!


Adorable packaging, &&& incredibly yum! ❤ 



For a dashingly daring note <3…\


No winter is complete without these babies!


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