First blog post! <3

Howdy there world!

My name is Shantal, an alternative but much improved version of the name “Chantal” or “Shantelle” both of french origin. I’m currently a junior at Humboldt State University majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology. I’ve started this blog to keep track and explore my own process of “adulting” with the hopes to inspire myself and (more ambitiously) others to continue down a positive and ever so invigorating trajectory of being responsible and adhering to an equation that I’ve come to love in economics:


Marginal Cost is less than Marginal Benefit.

An equation that if you follow my blog, you’ll be quite familiar with and hopefully love as much as I do. Needless to say, I will discuss economics (so very necessary in a discussion of competence, if I do say so myself), but will also discuss food (vaguely stated because I want to openly discuss my cooking, favorite restaurants and favorite wine alike), and jazz (because why the hell not?).

Despite my rather selfish motives for starting this blog, I hope to gain even a minuscule following of other like-minded people who also get a peace of mind with cleanliness, organization, efficiency and aesthetics. My aim is a minimalist one, which can mean an entirely different thing to different people but so long as we share and engage in a respectful and graceful matter, the world is at our feet.

I look forward to posting!



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