7 Ways to Succeed in Mathematics <3

"Divide each difficulty into as many parts as feasible and necessary to resolve it." -Rene Descartes Howdy there partners! I'm here today to talk to you about good ol' humble mathematics! If math is now the ghost of functions past for you then skip this, sit back, and chillax! For the rest of us that… Continue reading 7 Ways to Succeed in Mathematics ❤


Coconut Macaroon Donuts <3

Heuuullooo there! Question... Have you ever wondered what a coconut macaroon flavored donut tasted like? Probably not, but let me tell you, it's super yummy!!! I made these deeelish treats using coconut flour hence the name, ya see. So here's the story, yesterday I decided on a very last minute basis that I wanted to… Continue reading Coconut Macaroon Donuts ❤

Cloudy with a Chance of Balloons <3

Welcome to my long lost post! I began drafting this towards the end of my school semester. I've been weeks removed of the time when I started this but I kept the use of present tense in order to remain genuine to my thoughts and reflections at the time. I also noticed that it serves… Continue reading Cloudy with a Chance of Balloons ❤

El Portumex <3

"If I would ever find myself in the very unfortunate circumstance that is death row, I'd go in peace if not for that last plate of camarones a la diabla. For who needs redemption when you can handle and in fact require, necessitate and demand...extra spice." -Me Howdy there world! I'm super excited to talk… Continue reading El Portumex ❤

What do Jesus Christ and Scientist have in common?

  To the question "what do Jesus Christ and Scientist have in common?!" you are probably thinking... Both Jesus Christ and scientist come from the planet earth, which is the third planet from the sun, within the milky way galaxy of the local group, which is part of the Virgo Supercluster in the observable universe.… Continue reading What do Jesus Christ and Scientist have in common?